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Flawless London offers HAIR Extensions!

Looking to add length or thickness to your hair? 


At Flawless London we offer the best quality Nano European Hair Extensions.  The hair is Remy and double drawn so it is easy to deal with, thick to the ends and last 8 months to a year. Our experienced installers can make any hairstyle and colour flawless and extensions undetectable. Always achieving a natural, blended look that our clients can be confident rocking!  

Extensions are not just for length. At Flawless London our stylist can install, blend, cut and colour to match any desired hair style. Many of our clients are using extensions to simply blend areas of their hair that are thinning or shorter than the rest due to damage or stress related issues. Whether it’s a long beautiful look or a short sleek bob Flawless London has you covered. Our hair care professionals can match any hair colour and cut and blend or style hair to desired look after extension installation.

Flawless Hair ExTentions


  • Schwarzkopf Dry Shampoo leaves hair clean and fresh even on day 2 or 3. This saves our hair the extra damage of daily washing, drying and styling.

  • PH Balanced Low Sulfate Shampoo and PH Balanced Deep Conditioner to repair and re hydrate hair with every wash.

  • Repair Serum to protect hair from daily damage and heat.

  • Hair Extension Brush to prevent damage to hair while brushing and to keep the extensions separated and detangled.


Nano hair extensions can last from 8 months to a year with proper care. They will need to be moved up every 2-3 months. This is done at a $25 per bundle cost. For example 2 bundles will be a $50 maintenance move up fee.

PricE Guide

Nano Extensions are $120 a bundle installed and blended. Most clients need 4 bundles to add length and thickness however, some clients with finer hair can do 2-3 bundles and some with thicker hair could need 5-6 bundles.

Come in for a Complementary Consultation Today!!


All Nano Extension pricing is based on 20inch 

length. 20-26inch Extensions are available.


Regular root touch ups or highlighting can be done while the extensions are in at our location.


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